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Obviously as you all know, I’m not a groomer but I have a very lovely friend who…

Obviously as you all know, I’m not a groomer but I have a very lovely friend who is and I thought it important to share this with you.

This photo is from another groomer who is highlighting just how important it is to understand what you’re getting yourself into when you buy a cockerpoo/labradoodle or any other doodle cross breed.

A lot of breeders are claiming that these cross breeds are low maintenance but they are the hardest dogs to maintain coat wise. They require a huge amount of work from owners to prevent this matting from happening.

These coats are a mixture of 2 coats which is why they are particularly difficult to keep tangle free. You will need to spend time every single day to go through the coat with a slicker brush and a metal comb to prevent matting. In the winter months when the coat is getting wet and muddy it makes it even more difficult. Coats, harnesses and collars rub on the hair causing tangles and matting and therefore after walks they will need brushing and combing again.

It can sometimes be hard to notice as matting occurs at the skin, so the hair may appear to be long and free of knots when it’s solid at the skin. This is why I always say make sure you use a COMB! It’s one of the most vital pieces of equipment for a doodle owner, if you can’t get a comb through the coat you are not brushing the coat enough!

Once matting has occurred at the skin there is usually no way that we as groomers can remove it. The only way is for us to clip underneath the matting which of course results in an incredibly short clip.

It’s something we as groomers hate to do and are usually slated for it, even though it is only the fault of the owners. I quite often get new customers coming to me having left their last groomer because they “scalped” their dog. Usually after a chat it seems that the dog was matted and the groomer had no choice.

The point of this waffling today is just to ask you to just really think about it before committing to buying a doodle cross.
Make sure that you have the time and patience to spend time every single day to brush and comb through the whole coat. Or at least be prepared to keep the dogs coat very short.
Do your research and make sure you understand the coat. Make sure you get the correct equipment and take advise from your groomer.

These are honestly the hardest coats to maintain, please please make sure that they fit in with your life before you buy!

P.s Dog groomers – please feel free to post your own pictures of matting below. I would like to show owners that this is NOT a one off case. We see this almost EVERY DAY.




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